Task 41
Task 41
SHC Task 41

Solar Energy and Architecture

Solar Energy and Architecture


It is clear that solar energy use can be an important part of the building design and the building's energy balance to a much higher extent than it is today. This Task should help achieving high quality architecture for buildings integrating solar energy systems, as well as improving the qualifications of the architects, their communications and interactions with engineers, manufactures and clients. The vision - and the opportunity - is to make architectural design a driving force for the use of solar energy.

The title of this Task indicates that focus is on both high architectural quality and high energy performance. Thus, it would be counterproductive to show the use of solar applications in buildings where the energy performance is poor or even worse than without solar applications.

This title also indicates a new way of approaching the use of active solar energy in buildings that sees architects composing their architecture with solar components conceived as building elements.

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May 2009April 2012

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